Design reflection and industry commentary over the years.


Design for the future with a Design System

Design Systems are a valuable tool and resource, encouraging design quality, consistency and understanding. They help us focus on incremental updates – no more expensive visual overhauls, providing a massive head start to future ventures and projects.


Mission Statement: 2018

That’s shit! As a designer, some of the best feedback I ever received was “that’s shit!”. Sometimes it was said in jest. Sometimes the provider meant it. Sometimes they were right. Sometimes they were wrong. Either way, the default assumption that I might have missed something, or I could do better, is a healthy one. […]


Dressing for the occasion

For some­one like me, it’s rel­a­tive­ly easy to exper­i­ment with clothes, with­out fac­ing much scruti­ny. For many oth­ers, the lack of ​‘pro­fes­sion­al’ dress­ing options can mean oppres­sion and subjugation.


Digital Perfectionism

My contribution to Geek Mental Help Week 2015. An event encouraging conversation around the fact that so many people working in the creative and tech industries are living with mental health difficulties. Often in silence.


Innovating Dementia

44 million people were estimated to be living with dementia in 2013. That is expected to rise to 75 million by 2030. How can we help?


NUX Liverpool

The Northern User Experience community finds a home in Liverpool.


Digital Culture Shift

Adapting to digital requires open-mindedness, initiative and energy. It requires a bit of a culture shift.


Best Practice

It’s easy to boast of best practice web design/development techniques – but what does it actually mean?


Sensory Pollution

Inspired by a trip to IKEA, I wonder if our senses deserve a rest.


Mission Statement: 2014

Each year the digital landscape grows bigger, stronger and appropriates more members. This is the first year where browsing figures for mobile devices will supersede those of desktop computers. Areas of the world where, traditionally, internet access was rare are now starting to use mobile devices to connect. We are entering the most important time […]


Mission Statement: 2013

Design is not merely a hobby or a job. Design is not a lifestyle. Design is not a tool to be picked up when something pretty is required, only to be put down again afterwards. Design is a philosophy for looking at the world and approaching a problem. As a Web and Graphic Designer, I […]