Imposter syndrome


You’re not good enough.

Sure, that was an interesting project of yours, but that was a long time ago.

You’ve been doing this a few years, but you’re getting complacent. You haven’t kept up with recent industry developments have you?

You only worked there for how long?! And you stayed there for how long?!

You’ve ran out of passion! You haven’t enough energy for this anymore. Can you keep up with the new blood?

You’re still using that technique?! Have you even tried that new software yet?

Did you think nobody would notice? How long did you think you could get away with this? You weren't built for this long-term. Someone’s going to find you out! This world isn't for you; it's grown far beyond what you once knew.

Are you an expert in anything? How much ground do you cover?

Did they see you waiver in that meeting recently?

You're an imposter!



Well... I suppose I had forgotten that...

Perhaps that was pretty good. They gave you that feedback? That is good.

Still, think about what I’ve said.

Hhmm, this does look great actually! And you helped them with that? Should everyone be considering all of that?

You know I'm right though. What about...? Fair enough. Did you think ab... Right.

That does sound like a unique approach. It only took how long?

I’ll give you that one.

And you still managed to...?


OK... You win this time.

But I will be back...

You’ll slip.

You’ll miss something. You'll be found out.

I’ll be waiting.

Deep down you know I'm right...