The client-agnostic design system.

Project type: Design system

Building on years of in-house research and experience. Montere systemises UX expertise, whilst teeing-up the application of client-specific branding and bespoke styling.


Nuanced differences to the administration and execution of our work needed consolidating. Notably, component naming was given consensus before being documented and shared across delivery teams.

We needed to express the benefits of a system, whilst steering away from comparisons to off-the-shelf themes and templates.


Whilst benefiting from UX and accessibility convention, the system is extremely fast to tailor to specific client needs.

It promotes a more-modular approach to our delivery work. Involving a spatial system, a logical precedent is set for size and scale as the design system evolves.


Process and output

As part of an internal project team, I lead with:

  • Component mapping
  • Spatial system documentation
  • Sketch component library
  • Designer project workflow documentation
  • Backlog workflow: the process — for designers and wider delivery team — of incorporating new components