Mission Statement: 2014

Each year the digital landscape grows bigger, stronger and appropriates more members. This is the first year where browsing figures for mobile devices will supersede those of desktop computers. Areas of the world where, traditionally, internet access was rare are now starting to use mobile devices to connect.

We are entering the most important time of digital transition since we started using the internet in the 1990s. The task is no longer to become accustomed to the internet and to teach each other basic “computer” use. Now liberated from cumbersome machines, elitist technologies and an unfriendly virtual world, our task is to determine how best to put our connected potential to best use.

Design-wise we’ve gone from “Mobile Design” to “Responsive Design” to “Mobile First” to “Content First”, even to “Offline First”. We are moving, slowly, towards one of the original philosophies of the internet: to liberate, to democratise and to construct.

I find the digital/web/design industries’ desire and ability to think about the bigger picture, the common good and the future of humanity immensely satisfying. How exciting to be a part – however small and humble – of this transition.