Mission Statement: 2013

Design is not merely a hobby or a job. Design is not a lifestyle. Design is not a tool to be picked up when something pretty is required, only to be put down again afterwards. Design is a philosophy for looking at the world and approaching a problem.

As a Web and Graphic Designer, I understand the need to take ego out of the equation. Ironically, as the person who will spend the most time forming a relationship with a design – in its inception and construction – my opinion and reaction matters far less than that of the end user, the client(s) and the agency I represent; each has a business need for the design, its aesthetic, its function and its usability to perform to the best possible standard.

It is with this in mind that I relish the opportunity for constructive criticism, for cooperation and for learning. My intuitive design eye, my experience and my education contribute to my taste and ability; my understanding of, and interaction with, the world allows for results that work within it.

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Design for the future with a Design System

Design Systems are a valuable tool and resource, encouraging design quality, consistency and understanding. They help us focus on incremental updates – no more expensive visual overhauls, providing a massive head start to future ventures and projects.


Mission Statement: 2018

That’s shit! As a designer, some of the best feedback I ever received was “that’s shit!”. Sometimes it was said in jest. Sometimes the provider meant it. Sometimes they were right. Sometimes they were wrong. Either way, the default assumption that I might have missed something, or I could do better, is a healthy one. […]

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